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~ Editor-in-Chief ~ Eleonora Tucci

I’m originally from Milan but my will to work in editorial drove me to London. As editor-in-chief of DWHA, I lead my team across print and online. Every day is a new learning experience and it has been an incredible journey so far. I’m an intrepid and curious soul. When I’m not traveling or working, you can find me spending time with friends, sipping fine wine, or indulging in different cuisines.


Creative Director
Jack Taylor


As lead designer, I enjoy working on new concepts and coming up with colourful and dynamic layouts for the magazine. Before moving to London, I had never lived in a big city. I was born in Kent, and spent three years of my degree living in Falmouth, Cornwall. My favourite honeymoon destination would be the Maldives. I’ve heard and read so many good things about it!


Features Director
 Vanessa Donkoh


I was raised in London, but I’m originally of Ghanaian descent. As features editor, a lot of my time is spent working across print. Every part of my role gives me great joy, but I love working with Beauty the most, it’s always been a passion. My dream honeymoon destination is definitely Japan. I’ve always been fascinated by their culture and would love to experience it.


Social Media Director  Aleksandra Nikolova


Six years ago, I moved far from the stunning Black Sea Coast to the gorgeous city of London. Here at DWHA, I am in charge of social media. I get to give you a sneak peek of what we work on and other
aspects of the beautiful industry. In my free time I love to explore the wonders of nature, and discover breath-taking views from around the world.


Commercial Director
Tony Baines 


I am the Commercial Director, I deal with sales, design and customer relations. I enjoy it because I love talking to interesting people. I was born and bred in Derby, however I lived in the Isle of Wight for a while. I am also and actor and was last seen playing an Evil Viking in the movie The Berserkers. A cold beer on a warm sunny day, laughing with friends is what makes me happy!


Sales Director
Darren Collins


I am the Special Projects Director, so I look after all the customer relations and the special features. Prior to this I trained as an actor, and even played a Death Eater in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. What makes me happiest are my two dogs, and New York would be my favourite honeymoon destination. It is a wonderful city full of different cultures and great pizza.

Luxury Brands and Resorts
Monica Kumari


I come from a little town called Wolverhampton! My favourite things include food, people, animals and traveling. I love exploring different cultures and countries, but Ibiza, Spain is particularly close to my heart. Working at DWHA is fantastic, I am excited for our transition over to the digital platform, and it brings me great excitement to be organising and managing this with our CEO.


Business Account Director (Italy)
Maria F. De Tommaso


I am from the beautiful region of Abruzzo, Italy, and I am your expert for Italy, the Mediterranean and much more! I am the “romance hunter” identifying sensational resorts, new destinations and talented professionals! I love nature, travelling and meeting different cultures. French Polynesia has always been my dream destination; it has such a serene unspoiled beauty!


Business Account Director (Africa) 
Mark Hind


I grew up in Johannesburg, in the sunny country of South Africa. I provide publication digital services; this gives me the opportunity to reconnect with my fellow South Africans, travel to different countries , and really get stuck in, in terms of what our industry has to offer. My favourite honeymoon destination would be Cape Town – home to some of the world’s most picturesque views!


Business Account Director (France)
Ross Bey


At DWHA, my role consists of curating a selection of European wedding professionals for our readers to enjoy. I like to consider myself a citizen of the world, I’m an avid traveller and exploring the world is my passion. My favourite destination and preferred honeymoon haven would be Corsica, it’s such an underrated paradise. It’s also the perfect place to do what I love most, eating!


Digital Developer Director
Emanuela Federici


Having lived in Milano for many years, I decided to move to London! It’s been six years and I’m still here! I’ve recently joined the team here at DWHA as a Digital Developer. Uncovering new destinations is the core of this business, which is great because travelling is my favourite hobby. I think Los Angeles might be my preferred city, I’ve only been one time but I’ve always planned to go back.


Financial Controller
Amelan Siva


I was born in Germany, but I am of Sri Lankan descent. At DWHA I work as the Financial Controller. The part which I enjoy most, is using my statistical skills to draw comparisons between the past and the present to then implement new strategies for the future. My ideal honeymoon destination would be somewhere in Zurich, as everything is spotless and decorated to perfection.


Account Digital Director
Brian Horrocks


I’ve worked in London for over twenty years, but before that I lived in Hong Kong and Malaysia. I’m a Sales Director for the magazine, and I adore working with the wedding planners from all around the world. I like travelling abroad to visit new destinations, but my favourite has to be Boracay in the Philippines. I enjoy watching sports, action movies and listening to opera and rock music.


Account Director
Nick Tiday


I was born and raised in Leicester, which is why Leicester City football club as well as my 2 children always cheer me up. At DWHA, I work mainly in the commercial sector. I love being able to connect brides with the industry’s best suppliers. The Bahamas is my favourite destination. I was lucky enough to honeymoon there, it’s the most beautiful place in the world.


Account Director
Cristina Gambino


A child star in the movie The Talented Mr Ripley, filmed in her home town of Palermo, Sicily, Cristina then moved to Madrid and graduated in linguistics; she speaks four languages fluently.  A keen flamenco dancer and talented musician (flute and piano) Cristina relaxes to Andre Rieu arrangements whilst fine tuning her own honeymoon plans.


Account Director
(Home & Leisure)
Tripura Patel


I’m from African descent but proud to be brought up in Sunderland. I adore the occasion and family feel of a five day Asian wedding, and being a trained Bollywood dancer I also enjoy performing at them.  I’m determined to honeymoon in The Maldives.  Being part of the Weddings & Honeymoons team, and adapting weddings to this crazy Covid world is challenging but fun!


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