7 Suggestions On How To Have a Wedding this 2021


While each County, State and Country as well as venues have their guidelines or restrictions, there are still several things we are recommending to our guests here at Blame Her Ranch especially for Spring and Summer gatherings:

1. Masks at all times. We are requiring guests, vendors and the wedding party to wear masks at all times. Make sure they’re 2 to 3 ply. We even have BHR masks available. While this is a pain, you can have a little fun with it and have guests be creative in designing their wedding masks.

2. Exclusively outside. While not all venues can offer this, we at Blame Her Ranch are insisting that couples use three of our four venues that are either outside or where barn doors can be opened for increased air circulation.

3. Social Distancing. Set up your tables and seating so that people are sitting six feet apart. And, keep family units together wherever possible.

4. Vaccines. Here in New Mexico, our vaccine process is going extremely well with some Counties vaccinating over 30% of the population and climbing. Urge all guests to register for vaccine administration where it is available. While supply and demand will continue to be an issue throughout 2021, you must insist guests take the vaccine (assuming it is available and if they can) or don’t have them attend. Yes, harsh, but safety first!

5. Testing. Here in the United States testing is becoming much easier.  There are several rapid tests you can research in your area that will provide results in 15 minutes and in the privacy of your home.  Again, we would strongly recommend testing all guests right before your actual wedding event (the day before or the actual day of the event).  This should give you and your guests greater peace of mind. Obviously, anyone testing positive, cannot attend.

6. Quarantining. This is a hard one as you are asking people to stay home anywhere from 7 to 10 days prior to your event. But, it is yet another safety measure worth suggesting if you want your wedding to be as safe as possible in 2021.

7. Numbers. This may be the hardest thing to do. Look at your guest list and try to eliminate (as hard as it may be) those people who are not “AS” critical to your wedding.  You can even set up Zoom virtual arrangements that will allow people to stay home but still enjoy your wedding virtually. This can be done in a fun and interactive way!

As we stated in the beginning, each wedding, each location and each government has its regulatory recommendations.  Some are mandatory. But, hopefully, these seven suggestions will help you discuss your approach with the appropriate people and safeguard your guests!

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch


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