“Summer 2021 is going to be “hot” both figuratively and literally.”


With Covid restrictions beginning to lighten up and with a backlog of weddings, this summer looks to be both full of activities and almost non-stop weddings. That is certainly the case at Blame Her Ranch. It is also fair to say, that guests will expect a memorable event having been stuck in their  homes for the past year. So, put on your party shoes and creative bonnet and let’s plan the perfect summertime wedding by using these 5 helpful suggestions:

  1. Location It all starts with the venue, so make sure the location for your special day has a great summer climate and atmosphere. There is numerous information on the web that will help you zero-in on the country and city that matches your desired climate and scenery. A little extra work beforehand truly pays off. That is why we like Santa Fe so much because of the 300 days of sunshine, low humidity, and temperatures rarely above 90 degrees.
  2. Weather. Okay, it’s a little boring but it’s something for you to keep in mind and plan for, especially if your event is outdoors. Here at our ranch, we have a built-in Plan B. If there’s bad weather, our couples can easily shift from outdoors to our Cowboy Chic Barn. Sit down with your wedding planner or event coordinator and make plans in case of inclement weather. Get ahead of it so you don’t have to worry on the day of your event.
  3. Summer Food Fun Since it is going to be warmer, play into that with signature cocktails, popsicle stands, and other things that will quench the thirst. Maybe even an ice cream wedding cake and sweet cold treats during the reception. In other words, refreshing foods to match the summertime mood.
  4. Use the Heat To Your Advantage No matter where your wedding is, battling the heat will be something you will need to deal with. Here are some fun ideas to tackle the heat. Put together welcome bags with bottled water, sweet and savoury snacks, sunscreen and yes, even bug repellent. Another cute idea is to offer men andwomen Chic Fedora hats to help with extra sun protection, but with a flair (and what a great  keepsake). Finally, at night, with the approval of your event location, fireworks are a great choice for the grand finale.
  5. Pool Possibilities. If your location, like here at Blame Her Ranch, is lucky enough to have a swimming pool, take full advantage of it because nothing says summer more than a great pool! But, make it special. Instead of having a traditional welcome or rehearsal dinner, why not make it a pool party with food and activities. Decorate with floating flowers to take it to the next level, use colourful LED lights floating in the pool to keep the party going well past sunset, create custom beach towels, have “beach boy-like” music or hire a band. Food-wise, keep it light with dedicated estival foods like vodka watermelon balls, margarita snow cones, etc. The whole idea here is to break the norms and make your event a truly memorable wedding.

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch


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