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At Blame Her Ranch in New Mexico originality and style are important… here are a few pointers


For most of you, Cowboy Chic may be an oxymoron.  But this conflict of terms is what makes a cowboy chic wedding so special.  It’s important, before we start, that you understand that the right venue is critical to a cowboy chic wedding. You certainly are not going to pull off a cowboy chic wedding at your local hotel ballroom or banquet hall.  You need an outdoor or rustic venue that goes with the theme. If not, you will be fighting with, and trying to do something inconsistent with, your surroundings.

At Blame Her Ranch, we cater to couples, both internationally and locally, that want a unique setting for their special day. Not all of them are cowboy chic, but the majority of our weddings utilize special accents that make the wedding truly “boot and black tie” oriented.  

Okay with that said, let us share with you some fantastic ways in which cowboy chic weddings have been done at BHR.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

These little cuties always steal the show, but by putting them in fancy clothes and cowboy boots, everyone will “Ooh and Aah” as they walk down the aisle. Make sure that the ring bearer is wearing a hat and the flower girl is picking the flower petals from a cowboy hat!

Loving couple on a ranch in the western mountains in the autumn season. Elopement concept

Ride in Style

For the little ones, find a little wagon and decorate it so that the ring bearer and flower girl can ride in style down the aisle. On the back of the wagon put a little sign out that says, “Here Comes The Bride”.

Boot Flower Vessels

You can always find old boots at any goodwill or consignment store. Your florist can turn them into flower vessels to line the aisle down to the nuptials area. They can even be set on small logs to give them more height and prominence. One additional idea is to use flowers in boots as the table centerpieces. Super fun!

Message in a Bottle

Why be so formal and have guests sign a traditional Guest Book?  Instead, use small bottles and allow your guests to write their own message and best wishes for you. A message in a bottle is a lot more fun and original.

Rustic Seating 

Here at BHR we offer real log benches (and tables) at both the ceremony and banquet area. But you can also use hay bales with blankets and pillows for additional seating and to keep the cowboy chic look going.

On Tap 

Use masonry jars for glasses and have a chalkboard sign that gives your guests different beer choices through a keg dispensing system. Serving yourself on tap will be real fun for your guests –make sure it’s overseen by a licensed bartender.

Popcorn Bar  

Nothing says cowboy chic more than old fashion popcorn presented and displayed in individual jars or lined wooden baskets.  To make it truly trendy, add unique flavoured popcorn like bbq, jalapeño, and dill pickle.

Black Tie

While cowboy boots and hats are critically important to cowboy chic weddings, contrast those elements with more traditional wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and tuxes. You can add a little bling by using Bolo ties!

Hay Rides  

Leaving is just as important as arriving. Most local vendors can recommend a horse-drawn wagon for their guests. Throw in a little hay and a sign “Just Married” for the perfect exit on your big and stylish day.

We hope we have convinced those who are sceptical about a rustic wedding with some of these ideas. It will surely set your wedding apart from the traditional ones, so go out there and find the right venue or location to make your cowboy chic wedding a reality.

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch

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