Created in the American southwest, but to be enjoyed round the world, we bring you the Blame Her Margarita!


Before we begin, you should know that this margarita was created at Blame Her Ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico many years ago! You will also have to accept the fact that the perfect Margarita requires a bit more attention and unique ingredients. However, with complexity, comes perfection! Here goes:


• Bamboo skewers

• Crushed ice

• Corkcicle cup. You can use any glass, but a corkcicle cup keeps the perfect maragarita cold for up to eight hours. At Blame Her Ranch we have our own Corkcicle

• Shishito peppers

• Cherry tomatoes

• Olive oil spray

• Sea salt

• Worm salt. This is optional, of course, but keeps the tequila worm tradition alive

• Margarita salt can be used as a replacement for worm salt

• Mezcal (not tequila) to provide a smoky taste

• Margarita mix. We use Santa Fe margarita mix but if you can’t find that, simply choose a high-quality lime juice-based mix

• Grand Marnier

• Sliced limes

• Long decorative toothpicks or stirrers

This is the ‘BHR Shishito Margarita’.  Every great wedding needs a signature cocktail and we think your guests will enjoy this special drink, especially given that the ingredients and complexity add to the mystique of your special day!


Step 1: Grilling

No other margarita we are aware of requires you to grill the condiments, but this is an essential first step that adds to the flavour and smokiness of this drink. Soak the bamboo skewers in water for 5-10 minutes (this prevents them from burning). Then build two separate skewers – one with Shishito peppers and the other with cherry tomatoes. Shishito peppers have
enormous flavour but aren’t too hot or spicy – a substitute could be Anaheim Chili Peppers because Shishito peppers are hard to find in some parts of the world. After building the two skewers, spray them with olive oil and sprinkle a little sea salt on both. You are now ready to grill both skewers on your
preheated BBQ until they show grill marks on both sides. Remove from grill and set aside.

Step 2: Corkcicle Preparation

Again, we prefer the Corkcicle cup, but any cup will do. Take the worm salt and pour it into a small dish. Cut the limes into four pieces. Take one lime slice and cut into the centre of it so it can be easily put on the rim of the Corkcicle cup. Slide the lime slice around the rim of the Corkcicle cup and remove the lime slice. Then take the Corkcicle cup, turn it upside down and dip the rim of the cup into the worm salt. If you don’t like the traditional worm salt accent, feel free to replace it with normal margarita salt. But you are giving up one of the unique and talked about ingredients to the perfect margarita. And, you’ll never taste the worm, I promise!

Step 3:  Mixing 

Add crushed ice all the way to the top of the Corkcicle cup. Then add a shot and a half (don’t wimp out here) of Mezcal. Then take your premium
margarita mix and fill the remainder of the cup up to a quarter of an inch from the top. Finally, pour a splash of Grand Mariner on top for extra flavour.

Step 4:  Cocktail Garnishing

This is the step that visually differentiates our margarita from all the rest. First, take one of the lime slices and set it on the rim of the cup, then take your grilled Shishito pepper and cherry tomatoes and skewer them onto your long toothpick or stirrer. It should be placed in this order:  cherry tomato, Shishito pepper, cherry tomato. Set the garnished toothpick on the top of the Corkcicle cup. Explain to guests that the smoky smell and taste come from both the Mezcal and grilled condiments.

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch

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