Wedding planners at Blame Her Ranch in New Mexico give their advice on how to inject more memories into your wedding day.


Let’s face it. A wedding is just a big party. I know… it’s a special day where couples want to share their love and show their connection to one another and that is important! But just as important – as with any party planning – you need to create special memories of your day so people won’t ever forget it. Here are some ideas we have seen implemented at our ranch and elsewhere that can truly differentiate your wedding from all others.

Tequila Donkey

Who needs waiters? In New Mexico, we have a tradition where a donkey delivers the ceremonial tequila. Obviously, this is an outdoor event and people just love petting the donkey, as well as getting a blast of tequila.

Food Truck Ending 

Most weddings opt to have the classic catered event which is great and very traditional. But, a few of our guests have had a late-night food truck come up and serve something special at the end of the night. It can be anything from grilled cheese sandwiches to rolled ice cream or even a slice of pizza. Make it special and make it a fun one-item treat that is memorable to you, the couple. Maybe something tied to the history of your relationship?

Invite the White House

Here is something you probably did not know. You can invite the President and First Lady to your wedding and if you send the invitation six weeks or more in advance, you will get a congratulatory note in return. The Address: The President and First Lady, The White House Greetings Office, Room 39, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC, 20500. Make sure you display the congratulatory note at your reception.

Games for all Children

At BHR, we have more than just a dance floor. We offer fun lawn games like bean bag toss, giant Jenga, and even a golf driving range. Look for a venue that goes beyond the traditional. Everyone is a kid at heart!

Special Musical Group

While you might have a DJ or band for dancing, insert a Mariachi Band or an A-cappella Group to perform. At our son’s wedding (he married a Columbian), we had a Columbian dance group perform, and they put on a very lively and memorable show.  

Bury the Bourbon (tequila)

Want some extra help with good weather? There is a southern tradition in the States that suggests burying a bottle of bourbon upside down exactly one month before the big day at the wedding site will prevent storms and rainy weather. To seal the deal, you just need to dig it up and share a swig in front of all your guests. Of course, at BHR we like to do it with tequila vs bourbon… but you get it!

Hire a Painter

In Santa Fe, we have over 250 galleries and many local artists.  You can hire a professional to paint an original watercolour or oil painting of your wedding banquet. It is perfect on a site like BHR’s great lawn.  

Take the Chill Off with a Cider Station

Okay, you will most likely have a bar, but why not have something to warm up the guests, especially on those spring and fall evenings with a cider station? Yes, you can add a little booze!

Okay, I can go on and on, but the take-away should be, don’t go with something just traditional or boring, add a little special kick to your memorable day!

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch

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