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Secrets and wedding advice from the ladies behind in 2 Connections & Flowers. 

What inspired you to start working in the wedding industry?

From the moment we opened our flower boutique, weddings have always been at the top of our list. Although, what inspired us to go that extra mile and open up a second shop all dedicated to dresses, where our brides-to-be in need of a wider selection of bridal gowns. 

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Other than being on TV progamma with Dom Littlewood, I think the biggest achievement is making each and every bride always feel special!

How would you describe your style? A bridal look you love?

I think over the years, I’ve learned to love all styles and colours. Every bride is completely different and unique. So, you have to be open to every fashion ideas. The industry at present is leading towards loose, natural, wide looking styles for outdoor weddings. 

Do you have a favourite 2020 bridal collection? Which trends dp you see for the new year. 

I can’t stay away from the bridal range from Romantica and also Rosa Couture- she has a variety of incredible designs. Brides are looking for dresses with lace or covered shoulders-not strapless, but with see through designs on the shoulders and back. 

How would you describe the 2020 bride? 

She is open to choices, loves to try on dresses to get the feel of the designs and shapes, fabrics, details-to see which suits her personality 

The most important detail to complete a bridal look?

Headwear pieces! Whether it’s a veil, a tiara, or a hat. Each dress suits different items, as jewellery for example-which has to be just right. 

How did you get in the world of floristry?

My Gran! I loved gardening as a child, ad she was the one who suggested floristry. I was very lucky to get a YTS placement with a fantastic shop in Truro-I had a brilliant teacher with a very creative mind.  

How do you held your brides choose their wedding gowns?

Firstly, I let brides feel free to pick and try on dresses that they believe look good. I ask questions on what they like and dislike about them. For example- shape, lace, plain diamonds, ruffles, colour- once I understand what those requirements are, I’ll get an understanding of what they are really looking for. I know my stock, so then I pick out a couple which I believe they should try, as they usually miss the ones that will look great on them. 

In 2 Brides and Flowers

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