It Happens!


Just like everything in life, that old bumper sticker from the sixties can apply to weddings, but it does not have to ruin your special day!


At Blame Her Ranch, we’ve recently had the unexpected happen during one of our weddings.  The main water line that provides water to the ranch burst.  It was one of those things you would never expect to happen or plan for, but the couple and Randy the Ranch Hand handled the problem in a way that minimized the inconvenience.  The first thing that Randy did was notify me and I in turn got our crew, plumbers, and experts immediately working to fix the line and restore water to the ranch.  Randy and I immediately knew it would be several hours before the line would be repaired.  So, we sent the staff into town to purchase 5-gallon bottles of water for those staying at the ranch.  Next, we arranged for the staff to provide their homes so the wedding party staying at the ranch could take showers and get ready for the ceremony.

Were people inconvenienced? Yes.  Did everyone understand and adapt? Yes.  Did Blame Her Ranch need to refund part of the couple’s rental agreement? Yes.

This brings us to some questions or steps you should take in advance:

  1. Before booking a venue, ask the Venue Manager how he/she handled their biggest wedding disaster.
  2. Have your Wedding Planner provide a list of back-ups should the unexpected happen like a broken heel, make-up, or hair disaster.
  3. Always be solution-oriented and remain calm. Everything is solvable when you and the wedding team put their heads together.
  4. Talk to all vendors, especially catering, about their backup plans.
  5. Keep the family drama to a minimum. Don’t put feuding family members at the same table.
  6. Blame Her Ranch is fortunate to have a backup Plan B.  With just a few hour’s notice, outdoor ceremonies and receptions can be moved into our Knotty Pine Barn.  Before booking an outdoor space, ask your venue what their Plan B is in the case of inclement weather.
  7. Restrictions and Rules cause problems. Most venues have too many rules regarding dos and don’ts, cut-off times, and vendor procedures.  These always lead to a misunderstanding, so make sure all parties are aware ofthe restrictions, or even better, try to book a venue like Blame Her Ranch that limits restrictions of this kind.

There you go!  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Remember, hiring the right Wedding Planner and a venue that focuses on customer service and solutions keep the unexpected events to a minimum!

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch

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