After selecting the venue, the wedding photographer should be second on the priority list


Most people would think catering, cocktails, and the wedding gown would take preference, but given that the photographer controls so much and the output lasts for years and years, we can safely say getting this right is critically important.

Pre or Post Wedding Photoshoot

  1. As a couple, you need to decide if you are prepared to do a “pre or post” wedding photography session. We will tell you based on our personal and professional experience, having a three-or-four-hour separate photography session is critically important. Yes, it may cost you a few extra dollars, but you will get a more focused photographer and more unique locations to widen the breadth and distinctiveness of your wedding spectrum.

Find Your Photography Soulmate

2. Each photographer we have seen at the ranch basically falls into two categories. One is the classic more portrait-like photographer and the second is more journalistic in style and tends to capture events as they unfold.  This is where you need to sit down and understand their background, what school of photography they went to, and of course, see their work. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough question: how would you characterize your photography style? Then, let the photographer know the critical shots that are instrumental in providing a complete representation of your wedding.

Communication is key

3. Do you sense that there is a good “click” between you and the photographer? Chemistry and communication are essential. You need to feel comfortable that the photographer is willing to listen, but also not to be afraid of pushing back and even arguing with you to make sure his/her professional insights are fully taken advantage of. Conflict contributes to great creativity.

Location, Location, Location

4. We at Blame Her Ranch are fortunate to have many different photography locations, but all weddings and locations are different. So, it is important when selecting your venue, that you look beyond the basics and ask the Venue Manager about other locations nearby or on the property that can be used for your photography session, during the wedding event, or pre and post, if you go with that idea.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is full of historical locations and natural hiking trails that augment what we offer here at the ranch. Ask your photographer to think outside the box and what other locations he/she would recommend.

In New Mexico, we are blessed with 300 days of sunshine.  So instead of just giving you a list of trends, photography ideas, and some do’s and don’ts, check out this link ( ) to explore how four different weddings took advantage of Blame Her Ranch and made it their own.

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