How post-pandemic trends will affect the wedding industry


It’s a fact! All major world events like World Wars, the Great Depression, and earlier pandemics have changed human behaviour: new industries were created and new products came to dominate the marketplace. True entrepreneurs and great marketers excelled during these times and did not stick to doing business the same way as before.

Even before the pandemic, couples were looking for a different wedding experience. In fact, the Covid virus simply accelerated the pace and will continue to do so as we get back to a “new normal.”

Here’s how Blame Her Ranch is responding to changing times:

1. Destination Weddings. Before the pandemic, couples were selecting venues like Blame Her Ranch because it was a clear-cut destination venue. Saturday night weddings are being replaced by venues that can offer multiple activities, a unique environment and location options for the wedding—but also rehearsal dinners, welcome dinners, bridal showers, and groom getaways. It is estimated that 25% of all weddings are now destination weddings, but the venue needs to be unique to offer a wide variety of activities for everyone staying at the ranch.

2. Hotels to Airbnb locations. Most people know that the Airbnb and VBRO industry has been cutting into the hotel industry over the last few years, but it has simply exploded with the pandemic as typical hotel guests are looking for a more safe environment. While not all Airbnbs allow for weddings and events due to their limited size and concerns about unruly guests, progressive Airbnb’s (like Blame Her Ranch) are targeting couples who want safety without giving up the wedding of their dreams. Beyond safety, we also allow guests to handle catering and licensed bar service—saving considerable fees usually charged by the venue.

3. Private & Exclusive. The great thing about privacy and exclusivity is that you are only with those whom you invite. In Blame Her Ranch’s case, this has turned out to be a tremendous advantage, but it comes with some extra effort. We tell all our guests the great thing about Blame Her Ranch is that “it is private and exclusive” and the bad thing is “it is private and exclusive.” When you seek to have a wedding uninterrupted by others, it takes effort to make it all happen. Blame Her Ranch is 45 minutes northeast of Santa Fe so shuttle services or some extra driving is necessary. Without question, this can be a deterrent for some couples, but not those wanting something bespoke, unique and where safety and Covid concerns are addressed. One of the best compliments we get is “I am so glad I came to this wedding; I’m truly impressed with this ranch.”

There is an old saying in marketing when facing a crisis, “pivot or die.”  BHR changed its offerings in light of the pandemic, but it is also fair to say we were already heading in that direction before the first covid case in the US. Fewer restrictions, more flexibility, and more exclusivity are what couples are asking for.

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch

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