So much time and preparation goes into planning your wedding. There’s a lot to think about and consider, no matter the time of year you choose to celebrate. But if it happens to fall within the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you might be thinking about what you should do – and how you can prepare for whatever might happen.


Our overall advice is to be prepared. Make sure you’re following the news and maintaining consistent conversations with your planner, vendors, and guests. But we at DWHA have also put together a few helpful notes, to answer those pressing questions and to help you stay organised throughout this trying time.


Should you cancel or postpone your wedding?

 It’s all a little bit relative. In a recent statement from PM Boris Johnson, the general public has been advised against any social gathering or unnecessary travel. Although we’re not sure how long with this will last for, it looks to be a long-term measure, which in turn will affect weddings taking place in the UK and abroad. If you were planning on celebrating your event in Europe, you may want to consider postponing your event. As many countries, particularly those in the Schengen Area (Italy, Spain and France) are currently on lockdown.

If you do consider postponing your wedding, it’s always best to contact those involved in the planning process. Ensure that you have another optional date in mind and make a call to your vendors to ensure that they’re still available and discuss their views on the situation.   Head of UK Alliance of Wedding Planners Bernadette Chapman, encourages couples to also “Ask if there are any penalties for changing the date. It might be that, provided the change of date happens in this financial year, they will change the date for free, but if after the tax year there might be an additional charge”.


How can you cater to your guests during this time?

 Most, couples create a wedding website to keep guests informed with their planning progress and any wedding updates. If you do have one, or are even considering making one, be sure to include regular updates regarding the recent pandemic. If you are considering cancelling or postponing the wedding, it’s a good idea to keep your guests informed so they can make the correct arrangements, especially if you were planning a destination wedding. Information about travel insurance, flight reimbursements  and other things of this nature will be very helpful.

However, if you do decide to go on with your wedding celebrations, why not update your wedding website with the relevant NHS information including appropriate preventative measures for the coronavirus, to keep guests informed and prevent the virus from spreading.

Will your honeymoon be affected?

 It is quite likely that your honeymoon will be affected. A number of European countries are already on lockdown and the UK is soon to follow suit. The USA has banned all travel from Europe for the foreseeable future and several countries are considering putting in place various restrictive travel measures, so it’s likely that your honeymoon will be affected. It is advised that couples should consider re-booking or postponing their honeymoon also. Be sure to contact your airline, travel agency or hotel, to understand what measures they are taking during this crisis and perhaps get their advice on what is best for you moving forward.

To keep up to date with the latest travel updates and restrictions, we would recommend visiting the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and International Air Transport Association websites.

Have you considered Wedding Insurance?

It’s not the first thing on everyone’s list, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the coronavirus pandemic is to expect the unexpected. Planning a wedding is no easy feat and although no one wants to think of the worst, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, whether your venue cancels last minute or your caterer refuses to turn up, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

When you purchase wedding insurance, you are essentially protecting yourself in the events of a cancellation, postponement, and other issues that may arise. It’s also never too late to get it, some agencies will give you coverage up to 24 hours before the event.


What does Wedding Insurance cover?

There are two types of wedding insurance, the first is liability insurance. This is to protect you when things happen that are out of your control, for instance, guest injuries, vendor issues, extreme weather, lost or stolen items or damage to the venue. The other aspect is the cancellation and postponement coverage. This covers you, in case your wedding cannot be held on the day that it was scheduled, as a result of circumstances beyond your control e.g. a health crisis like the coronavirus outbreak. Wedding insurance ensures that you’ll receive some form of reimbursement for what you’ve already paid.

However, the overall cost depends on the agency, so make sure you have a long and thorough conversation with whomever you choose, to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Stay Safe and get in contact if you need further information!



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